Chapter 237 AirVenture Registration

If you are attending AirVenture 2021 please subscribe to this attendee email list.  This will enable our chapter officers and volunteer coordinators to communicate with you as AirVenture approaches and to know what your plans are while at the event.  Please signup even if you are not camping at the chapter campsite. 

If you ARE planning to stay at the chapter campsite you MUST signup to this list (filling out the form completely) in order to reserve a camping spot at our Chapter 237 compound.  If you do not reserve a spot we may not be able to accommodate you.

After filling out the form click the 'Subscribe' button at the bottom.  You will be sent a confirmation email.  

If you ARE camping with the Chapter please see the AirVenture 2021 Coordination page for details on chapter camping fees, directions, and arrival procedures you must follow.

* indicates required
In case we need to reach you while at AirVenture.
Select the time you will meet at the Target parking lot to pick up your camping pass.
This will help us know how much food to prepare
Please plan your departure for the morning. If you wish to leave later (like after the afternoon airshow) please make sure the Campsite Coordinator knows that BEFORE the start of AirVenture so that we have a spot to park your vehicle during that day.
Do you have a tent(s), trailer, pickup topper, RV (or combination of those).
Size of each camping unit / tents (length and width in feet)
Please enter any comments or suggestions you have.
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